Penn-Ohio Associates in Anesthesiology, LLC

Phone: 330.286.5330 Fax: 330.286.5396

PO Box 2181
Youngstown, OH 44504

Penn-Ohio Associates in Anesthesiology, LLC (Penn-Ohio) is the exclusive provider of anesthesia services for Sharon Regional Health System SRHS).   Penn-Ohio’s goal is to provide a high quality, comprehensive service to SRHS, based on a partnership, which will promote growth and expansion of the surgical and anesthesia service.

Sharon Regional Health System
740 E State Street
Sharon, PA 16146

Members of Penn-Ohio include:
Frederick Kurz, M.D. - President
Shaun Hennon, M.D.
Emil Maurer, M.D.
Donald Person, M.D.
Sonia Mokgethi, M.D.

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